Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unless They Make "Cars 2"

So, I waged our first battle with baby toy branding.

Mike wanted to get a sofa for the little guy, so I hit up that Babies R Us sale yesterday on the hunt for a flip-open sofa at ten dollars off of the regular price. Of course, they didn't have any at Babies R Us, but there were a few at the Toys R Us next door.

There were three sofas available: Elmo, Diego, and Cars.

Because it is my hope that Tom won't be exposed to child-targeted television, I'd rather not have too many things in the house screaming at him that TV IS SO MUCH FUN MAKE YOUR MOTHER TURN IT ON ZOMG!!!1!!!1! [Full disclosure: He does occasionally watch Jeopardy with us, and the television is generally on after about 9 PM so one of us can relax/zone out while the other plays with the baby and puts him to bed.]

Thus, my rationale was simple: choose the sofa whose branding will be outdated by the time Tom realizes that it is 'branded' at all.

Welcome home, Cars sofa.

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