Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Back, and I Know You Were Worried

You guys, I've gotten off the blogging bandwagon, but now I'm back.

I'm not going to agonize over proper wording for my posts anymore, because, frankly, I haven't got that kind of time, and I know my friends in the internet won't take offense, right?

So, here we go with the things I've been mulling for the past 24 hours:

1. My husband stole my Real Simple magazine. Purchased oh, three weeks ago, on a whim in the hopes that I would be able to read it someday, it sat on the island in the kitchen for as long as I can remember, reminding me of just how much time I don't have. Yesterday, I decided I was going to relax for a little while. That doesn't happen inside this house, so I had to Get. Out. I packed up the baby and grabbed for that Real Simple on my way out the door. Of course it wasn't there. Immediately, I knew the culprit, and not just because I haven't cleaned in weeks and therefore haven't had visitors, leaving one adult and one 5 month old as the only suspects. No, I knew it was my husband because he maintains a three-foot tall stack of magazines in the bathroom. I retrieved the Real Simple and headed on my way to drive the baby around until he fell asleep then sit in a Wendy's reading my reclaimed Real Simple.

2. Baby socks get lost in the wash much more easily than adult socks, which are themselves prone to laundry disappearance.

3. While searching the dryer (isn't that where everyone stores their clean clothes?) for Tom's (anonymity be damned!) alphabet socks, I noticed the invitation for Rosie's next party (OMG if I had known this woman throws so many parties I never would have gotten mixed up with my neighbors in the first place). I have to bring German Chocolate Cake, another dessert (double the 's' because you always want more), plus a pack of beer. I think it's the beer that irks me... I mean, she knows I can't drink (what with the boy on the boob, plus alcohol in general doesn't agree with me), and Mike (ha! now they're both named! and my name is Meagan! it's all out there now!) generally doesn't drink because I generally don't drink and being drunk alone is no fun, right? So why tell us to bring beer? And why do we have to bring so much food?

4. I use too many parentheses (but that's how it is in my head, so that's how it is on paper... er, computer screen).

5. I bet that Real Simple's back on the bathroom stack already.

Thanks for stopping by again and see you tomorrow.